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Application & Software Development.

<Apps for Microsoft Windows>
1. Timenote (UWP version; Live)
File name :
2. WeekNote (UWP version; Live)
File name :
3. CountLifeCost (UWP version; Live)
File name :
4. PointerBulb (on developmen...

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* RN, Ln 114534,
of MOHW, South Korea.
* PhD., MSN, BSN
of Sahmyook Univ., South Korea.
* College Lecturer
of Suwon Science Coll., South Korea.
* Researcher
of ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5356-1993.
* I am a PhD
in nursing field as the above.
* I start works
in software engineer...

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Hello! How are you!

I live still
with Thunderbird as below.
Every morning,
as I have a cup of coffee...
I make sure of messages
and make schedule on calendar
and make sorts of tasks
with Thunderbird!
I love Mozilla Thunderbird.
Thunderbird never...
drop down the letter!
I continue to

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"I have developed and supplied add-ons for Mozilla Firefox(5 items), Mozilla Thunderbird(16 items) and extensions for Google Chrome(3 items), Microsoft Edge(3 items). Developments of web applications are continued." 
"FindTasksButton of Mozilla Thunderbird was upgraded in version 6.9.  Add Find Task button. Add tasks filter menu list. Add the menu list filtering tasks by priority, status. And  Make sure of task tree array length and n-th record. Last function persists after (re)starting Thunderbird."
"TaskviewGridLayout of Mozilla Thunderbird was upgraded in version 5.2. You can see taskview on the downside, rightside, upside. TaksviewGridLayout works in Thunderbird version 78.0~98.0. If clicking any record after (re)starting Thunderbird, it PERSISTs."
"FrameWhite of Mozilla Thunderbird and FrameWhite of Mozilla Firefox which are add-ons with 16 themes in each. Each add-on version is with storage APIs used for the persistence of the last theme of 16 themes in background scripts and the last theme is changed in real time using runtime APIs. I appreciate using this application of many users." 
"I  have developed Timenote(UWP app.), WeekNote(WPF app., UWP app.) which were desktop client applications for Microsoft Windows. Their data are possible for editing them in which these data are stored in embedded SQLite database without concerns about security and with safety. They are live in AppSource and other relevant Microsoft storefronts as Microsoft Azure applications.
"I have developed CountLifeCost(UWP app.) as Microsoft Azure application in which Budget is entered from cash in hand, credit card in limits, debit card in accounts as somewhat new approach and balance is calculated. CountLifeCost contains main page(overview) and subpages(details). Each receipt is used to enter amount in each input. CountLifeCost program is simple, and Of course, life is not complex, too, I think...Even though relationship is not mild, please, don't calculate it at this time. Only, my heart aches...Am I a nurse or the patient? In future, the option of "Camera Barcode Scanner" will be used in CountLifeCost. Camera barcode scanner does not need a separate scanner device. Instead, camera of laptop is used for scanning receipts. CountLifeCost provides insight of amounts of costs."
"I  ideated and am developing PointerBulb(UWP app.) which circles and emphasizes the mouse pointer with yellow background transparent. PointerBulb will be developed with two versions in which one version is that the circle is a pointer and the original pointer image is inserted on the center of the circle and the other version is that the circle follows the pointer. The best of them is selected. As usages, click "On or Off" of switch buttons on control window which is minimized after clicking the switch button."  

**If you failed deployment of CountLifeCost, Timenote, WeekNote**

Download artifacts with Azure CLI.
  1.  Upload in bash.
  2.  $ bash in command line.
Please, send me email with generated resource group id screenshot.
I will make your and will send you

You can see the file in clouddrive. In bash, type "dir".

* Usages of  CountLifeCost, Timenote, WeekNote as Microsoft Azure Managed Application.
1) Register your account in Microsoft Azure. 2) Choose the application to use it. 3) Get it Now. 4) Create it. 5) So, the storage for the app. can be deployed. 6) Files(.appx, .cer, .msix) in the storage are shared. 7) Click and set certificate file(.cer). 8) If needed, you can install files in "Dependencies" directory. 9) Click installation file(.appx or .msix).

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